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New product model
2015/9/2 2:26:27

       New product model (The NewProdTM Model) is a different type of evaluation model. It is built on the basis of the characteristics and the results of hundreds of new historical project. The model can be used as a diagnostic tool and forecasting tools used simultaneously.


        The model of the new product is a computer-based evaluation model, it can help the project team to better understand the project - strengths, weaknesses, risks, do not understand the importance of the field and of the need to strengthen. Therefore, the model can come to a consensus on the project, the project team can help develop an action plan.


        New product model also predicted the project the possibility of commercial success, and therefore is an important reference project Health / kill decision-making and portfolio management, decision-making factors. For example, Procter & Gamble score - for commercial success and the possibility of using the new product model, as one of the the coordinates variables in the three-dimensional combination of bubble chart.


        The new product models project the image of the new product is reasonably successful predictive factors. The model is summarized from the experience and results of the new product development activities over the past few hundred out. Image characteristics including competition and product advantages, the ability to leverage core competencies, market attractiveness and competitive position, project innovative measure factors.


        In practice, the use of the 12 assessment indicators to assess the form of 30 questions, these indicators prove the identification of successful projects and failed projects. Then analyzed by the project in the form of the computer on the basis of these assessments, in fact, compare and hundreds of projects the image of a database of known commercial results. In this way, help us to determine the possibility of success of the project, and the strengths and weaknesses of the project.


        Although the new product model was originally designed for DuPont and Procter & Gamble to develop, but the model can now be obtained through commercial channels, about 150 companies in Europe and North America and has been widely adopted. In addition, the model has a customized version of the industry, a new model suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, services and consumer goods industry. The model in the Netherlands, Scandinavia and North America, successful amendment and perfect, can produce the accuracy of the predictive power of 73% to 84% - this ability is not perfect, but general managers selected the ability of the project to be much higher.


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