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New product failure decryption
2015/9/10 19:08:15

1. Lack of China market research

        Managers attributed the failure of new products a few inadequate China market research or the wrong market information, one of the main reasons is that "the lack of a thorough understanding of the real needs of the market, for the attack of the competitors are not vigilant in the early new products, see the light on the death of reason. "
  The investigation committee said in a report: managers admit that they misunderstood the needs of customers, did not do anything.
  Field investigation, or too optimistic on market demand and acceptance. As veteran of the company described as: "In short, we follow the market demand, we think that to make a decision, but not really to ask is how eat tastes."
  Another common mistake is that designers and R & D departments wrong, they could not pick a new product customers. That managers in this survey pointed out: "The most important lesson is that we get, we are always in the china market research to determine the needs of the market where, then explain to our engineers and product development."

  2 technical issues
  Second mainly due to technical problems in the design and manufacture of a new product identification. Laboratory research out of the product is difficult to mass production, the glitch in the production process and product quality problems often occur. In many cases, before the products enter the commercialization stage, technology research, design, process engineering technology at an earlier period is difficult to achieve perfection. Technical problems but also from a lack of understanding of the needs of the customer. For example, the pursuit of the development of the perfect product, the excessive seeking sophisticated technology often changed the original intention of the customers.

  3. Marketing inadequate
  Wine needs no bush "management thinking is wrong, in marketing, sales, promotion should be given adequate resources to support new products. Our advice is: before a project has not yet entered the development stage, you should develop a marketing plan and resources need to be equipped with the response in the plan in the book description.

  4. Timetable
  Matter of time is not only a key problem leading to the failure of new products is also a key to various other projects. Progress too fast or too slow, there will be a great loss, many managers are not only just the right technical issues patch, and I do not know how to respond in a flawed plan, organize and control. The reasons for the failure of many new products did not seize the limited opportunity to quickly reflect. Some cases, in the process of development of new products, customer preferences vary. Some cases competitors new product development faster, seize market opportunities.
  In order to enter the market more quickly, in about timing may also appear in other problems, ignored a variety of problems which appear in such a hurry on a project. Take short cuts in the starting point is good, but often leads to disaster. Some of the key steps and stages are often skipped or haste to deal with, such as market research, prototype testing and field experiments. This will inevitably lead to serious quality problems, once mass production, marketing and sales stages in the product is found weaknesses, we must re-design products. There are a lot of ways to shorten the development cycle (we can see in the back), but rush without attention to detail, idlers is not the answer.
  New product development has always been constrained by the technology and process, review the top five reasons on the identification of new products, the main defect does not lie in science and technology. Moreover, 5 4 causes, directly or indirectly, the defects and problems of the design of marketing.

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